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The Clearing Crystal: Bringing Order to Chaos
Crystal Layer is a professional organizer who’s true passion is helping others bring order to their chaos. By encouraging her clients to let go of things that no longer serve a purpose, and strategically organize items that do, she helps them achieve ultimate happiness in every part of their lives.
Even as a young girl, she knew the importance of living a clutter-free life. Whether it was in her home or at school she would thrive in an environment where everything had its perfect place. She spent her early years learning the ins and outs of the service industry, while also gaining experience in specialized housekeeping services and organizational skills. 
Crystal enjoys the calming and peaceful things in life, like spending time outdoors kayaking the intracoastal waterways, and exploring springs with her friends and daughter, Lola. In her down time she enjoys learning about the healing properties of precious gems, crystals and aromatherapy so she can strategically implement them into her and her client’s lives.
Crystal is available for all of your organizational needs and is happy to schedule a private consultation in order to help you achieve exactly what you want. Contact her today to get started.


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